7 Benefits to Marketing YOUR Business Through Video

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Are you looking for a more effective way to market your business? You have probably already heard that with the use of video marketing, you can see pretty incredible results. Many people dread the thought of creating the video and then figuring out how to put your video online. Do the benefits of this marketing strategy outweigh the work that goes into it?

The answer is simple, yes! Don’t get me wrong, it does require quite a bit of work. First, you have to shoot the video. After shooting the video you will need to do some editing, formatting, and then you have to upload the video to an online platform such as YouTube. (After uploading to YouTube then you need to ensure you have the proper title and description attached). The benefits can be incredible!

1. Greater Connection. By creating videos you allow for greater personal connection with your audience. This is especially important if you have an internet based business. Through video marketing, your potential customers are able to connect with a real person, not just words on a page. Many people will feel as though they have actually met you. This can go a long way to turning a potential customer into a long-term customer.

2. Seeing is Believing. Many people need the personal connection to believe what you are saying. Have you ever heard the saying, “Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see”? With many people, this holds true, especially on the internet. With all of the scammers out there, it is hard to know who is “real”. Through video you are putting a face behind your words, which makes you not only more believable but trustworthy as well.

3. YouTube can Increase Traffic. Want more traffic? Do you dream of increasing your traffic to your blog? On YouTube alone, people view 2 BILLION videos every day. If you aren’t using video marketing, you could be potentially missing out on a lot of traffic.

4. Video Platforms. The best part is, most video sites are free and simple to use once you spend some time navigating the platform.

5. Using Great Audio. Have you ever noticed how sound can make an impact? Think back to the last time you watched an action flick or horror film you experienced the impact of the audio. Remember when the intense or creepy music began what happened to you? You were on the edge of your seat right? Just waiting to see what happens next! It’s the same with your video use incredible audio to match the powerful video you created. It can be far more compelling than the words you put on a page.

6. Videos are Mobile. People can watch the videos on the go. With all of the devices available, such as iPhones, Smartphones, and iPads, it is easier to watch videos wherever you go. If your videos are downloadable it will make it even easier for people to view them and as often as they’d like.

7. Demonstrating your Product. Video gives you and your business the opportunity to demonstrate your product(s) for potential customers. Here’s an example: Seeing a picture of a set of knives with a description is not nearly as effective as seeing those same knives in action. That’s why infomercials are so successful; people get to see exactly what the product can and will do in just a matter of minutes. It allows the buyer to connect and imagine how the product could be beneficial to them.

8. Increasing Sales. There are many reports online that show how video marketing can increases sales. When someone watches a video, you have his or her full attention. While article marketing is also effective, most people will skim through it. With videos, they are more likely to watch from beginning to end.

Video Marketing is can be very effective in your business. In the coming years video will continue to grow, why not is an early adopter. Just remember, there are many forms of marketing. The more you diversify your marketing strategies, the more effective your efforts and the more people you can reach.

Karriann Graf is a Social Media Manager/Strategist for small businesses and real estate professionals. Her focus is to help you learn about the best Social Media methods to connect with your clients and customers and increase your revenue.

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