9 Key Steps on How to Run a Professional Webinar

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Webinars have one thing in common – it is a great way to leverage an online and offline business! You can communicate your message to people from all over the world without even having to put on shoes.

Based on thorough research and observation, here are the key steps on how to run a webinar:

  1. Just before running a webinar, find out, what problems people have, make a survey on the topic they would like to hear about, what causes them trouble. You may also search forums for hot topics.

  2. Make sure that your chosen topic addresses the right audience. Use the type of language, which suits your webinar attendees (business persons, other bloggers, colleagues…)

  3. Update software and check if everything works property.

  4. Apart from audio presentation, prepare a slide presentation as well. Make the slides light, valuable, easy to follow and use bullet points. As slide creating software, Power Point for PC and Keynote for MAC is recommended.

  5. Clear history of URLs in your browser and in the search box, to prevent spying of others on what other things you do.

  6. During the webinar, close your skype, msn messenger and other communicators, just in case any of your colleagues wants to chat and a chat pop up window will appear on your screen while you present your slides or show your screen.

  7. Make sure that the attendees can hear you and see your screen; ask about it during the webinar.

  8. Leave some time for Q and A, to explain extra things, which might not be clear and that way you add extra value to your content.

  9. Remember to record the webinar to use it later: as a paid product, as a bonus or extra content for membership sites, if you have them.

These are just some of the things worth considering when preparing and running a webinar. For more free and reliable advice on internet marketing strategies visit http://www.theinternetmarketingstrategies.com

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