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Many wonder what this sign means: PEDXING. It flashes with its neon trimmings in a dense street where commuters and cars alike are running from each other; fearless and bold. Now, this sign may not be as big as an artist’s face on a billboard but it sure has captured attention; simple yet it talks a lot. It may appear as a scrambled letters of the alphabet. And then on the other side of the river, think of this idea as a banner design on the website. Would this make sense?

The rise of online campaigns and advertising has changed the entire landscape of online marketing and business. In other words, a new effective way of marketing has risen to join the dynamism and trend in this wired world.

They may not be considered as rivals but the thing is when one has to rise up the other should be on the top. One is considered as good as the other and people are left pondering: which is better then?

The answer may be as quizzical as it can be but the most exciting is that they can actually go together. As a matter of fact, there are several websites which provide banner advertising in pay per click packages!

These websites like Finditt gives opportunities for advertisers and members alike to create their own campaigns and banners. After this, they can post it and eventually start driving traffic to the site.

At the websites, members are free to choose which the four different banner sizes provided at the website. There is a 160×600, 728×90, 300×250 and 300×250 and they can be placed at the top, right spot, right column, and every footer of each page or any special parts in the website.

The truth is banner advertising can generate more traffic (if especially place in Finditt networks) because it has higher relevance percentage when clicked or searched. Aside from this one though, members also of the site can know the current advertised product.

While taking the opportunity to pick the correct size of the banner ad, you are provided the chance to create a brand name online. Well, if you’re thinking it might cost from your end but rest assured that there many optional billing packages o maximize the benefits of the campaign created plus the package that you have enjoyed from the program in the website.

And since this is a pay per click program, the advertiser will get billed if the banner at the website will be clicked. Websites are also recreating the program so that members and advertisers could advertise and search some products offered.

In addition to that, websites have an easy billing system. So members can put in their card information but the thing is, it will charge the account if the banner was clicked.

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