Bring Massive Visitors to Your Website – How To Make Money On Google Maps Without Paying a Dime

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Good News, folks!

If you are a local business owner wishing to make money big time, here is your rare opportunity. Why don’t you get your business listed on Google Maps and drive tons of visitors to your website daily without paying a dime? This is a fact that very few small business owners are aware of. Some even pay hundreds of dollars to SEO specialists to help get their businesses listed.

Here is the truth. You can do it all by yourself and Google won’t charge you a dime.
The goal of any commercial web site is to get top rankings in the search engines so that potential customers will find you easily. You have paid $1,000 to your web designer. You have launched your website for 6 months. But you only get 50 visitors per day,and only a couple of them turn into paying customers. We all know that 1 or 2 customers a day won’t bring in much cash unless you are selling high-priced items.

In the past, to get listed on the first page of Google will require the services of SEO specialists who demand top dollars. You are a small business owner. Your advertising budget is limited. What would you do?

Google Maps has equalized the playing ground for all of us. Today when a prospective customer enters a keyword in the Google search box, local businesses will be displayed above the regular listings. If you are one of the local business owners and you have submitted your website to Google properly, your website will be displayed too.

For example, if you enter “dog training” in the search box and you are living in Seattle, the local businesses in the Seattle area that offer dog training services will be displayed prominently.

How do I get listed on Google Maps?

You can start by opening an account with Google’s local business and submit your company information. Follow these 5 steps to optimize your listing on Google Maps:

1. Choose the proper category.
What kind of products or services are you offering? Be specific.

2. Your company description is your sales copy.
Put keywords that people are likely to use when they are looking for your kind of services. Make the description captivating so that potential customers will want to visit your website to find out more.

3. Make your listing stand out from the crowd
Include photos, e-mail, business hours, location and customers’ reviews so that your business will stand out from your competitors who failed to do so.

4. Get listed in other local directories.
Search for local directories and submit your web site to as many directories as possible. This will help your listing because Google Maps gathers its results from other online directories and databases.

5. Display the city and state names on the homepage.
This will help you get a top listing in the search engines fast.

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