CPM Banner Advertising Secrets Revealed

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Banner advertising can be an effective way to drive targeted traffic to your site. This can also build brand awareness for products or services which can make new businesses equal footing with the older ones. Banner ad space can also be a good way to use your site’s traffic to generate income. This can be done if you can join a banner ad network which can keep track and control ad placements on your site and they can have a percentage of the advertising income.

You can have banner advertising either through pay per click (PPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM). The cost per thousand impressions or CPM is used by advertisers to see how many viewers have viewed your ads or having an impression by seeing it.

Businesses may experience low clickthroughs and have low conversion rates though and this can make advertisers think that CPM banner advertising can be expensive. If you are one of these advertisers, you can have the adjustments needed that can give your campaign a complete turnaround.

Have an analysis of your clickthrough rate, since it is how effective your ad can be measured. Have a list of high targeted sites, since these are the sites that can give you higher clickthrough rates, and have this as your preferred landing sites for your ads.

An analysis of your cost per sale is also an important thing to do since it can show your actual cost in making a particular sale. You can track your banner ads and see where your products are selling on a particular site since there are high targeted sites that sell compared to other relevant ones.

Since banner ads are brand tools and build product brand awareness on viewers minds even if they won’t purchase upon clickthrough, these can still leave an impression on their minds. When they are ready to make the purchase, the impression left on their brains can make them buy.

Banner advertising through cost per thousand impressions (CPM) can be expensive but you can also have other alternatives to bring your campaign expenses down. You can develop a very compelling ad or you can negotiate for a lower rate CPM.

Another alternative also can be by starting an affiliate program that can work on cost per sale or cost per action basis. An affiliate service program can be available to host your banner ads and make them available to affiliates.

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