Email Marketing Tips to Increase Response Rates

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A 2010 study by Epsilon and the DMA found that email volume had increased over 10 percent during the year, but open rates were stagnant and click-through rates were down.

There’s more email marketing noise out there than ever, but there are ways you can break through the clutter and get noticed. Below are some of the tactics used by companies that have seen above-average response rates:

• Create a highly relevant subject line. This isn’t the time to be edgy or mysterious. Mailing to nurses? Mention that in the subject line. Mailing to the Chicago area? Mention Chicago. Have a familiar brand? Definitely use that to your advantage.

• Keep the subject line short. Some email programs may truncate longer subject lines, so make sure your most relevant words are at the beginning.

• Keep it simple. Make your HTML clean and simple so everyone can read it regardless of their device or email program. It’s also okay to send a plain text message instead of HTML. A strong offer, not a pretty design, is what gets recipients to click through to your website.

• Ask to be forwarded. This can boost click-through rates.

• Give them a great reason to click. Too many companies send out copy focusing on their own company, products or services, not how recipients would benefit. Did your company or product win an award? What does that mean for your recipients? Tell them. Don’t make them guess.

• Give them several ways to reply. Some recipients would rather call, mail or contact you through social media than click on your link. The more ways you give them to respond, the higher your response rate.

• Use a good list. Keep your in-house list clean by updating constantly. If renting a list, be sure it’s a 100% opt-in list through an ethical, reliable source with a good reputation with internet service providers.

Kathy Mills has been in the direct marketing industry for over 15 years. She owns Factix Research, a list brokering and direct marketing consultancy firm. Factix can be reached at

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