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Many site owners have learned how to tap into great results in Microsoft’s new “decision” search engine that produce lower bounce rates than the other major engines do. The question comes up for people unfamiliar with Bing about what are the special steps for Bing rankings using good website optimization that helps gain top page ranking (PR) on this new search engine poised to take on all the established competitors.

Domain Age Should be Ripe

Domain age plays a huge role determining PR on every search engine. Bing follows this criteria looking for sites that have been in existence for a bit of time. A site that has been around for a while will have an old name. Follow the reverse thinking to find that whenever an engine encounters an old domain name it will recognize it as a quality site because it is standing the test of time. Wherever possible, try to use obtaining a domain name with a little bit of road experience as one of your special steps for Bing ranking.

I Haven’t Heard That Before

Bing is definitely an original content junkie. It especially likes to see a ton of original content on site landing pages. Plus, as is the trend these days, ranking follows along with how well you place relevant content on your website. It is extremely important that your content is always original and fresh. In fact, Bing will reward you with better PR if you get into the habit updating your content frequently. Site owners learning to change, improve and adapt to using nothing but relevant copy as one of the special steps for Bing ranking will find themselves at the top if the results page.

The Word Must be Key

Bing is in love with page titles that are keyword rich as well as specific to the site subject matter. You should choose a different title for each page that is distinctly unique. Stop naming your page “Home,” or “About Us.” The page title is just as important as your original content when seeking top PR on Bing. Although there is nothing demanding completion of the <title> tag when creating a page, leaving it blank returns then page name “Untitled Document” in your browser. Not many searchers use this term to find you, do they? Additionally, Bing loved to see as many headers, or headings, at the start of paragraphs particularly if these contain keywords as well.

Where Are You Going?

Bing differs from other search engines in that it is absolutely favoring outgoing SEO Packages links. The possible explanation is that Bing gives great consideration to site owners willing to show visitors other sites where seekers will find useful information. Yes, reciprocal linking is always a good idea but Bing will reward you for showing your visitors where they can find additional and useful information even though they have to leave your site, making this one of the special steps for Bing ranking you should use.

Get ‘Familiar’ with Bing

You should start an enviable relationship with this new engine by obtaining an account. You will find tools for managing analytics and will find PPC (Pay-Per-Click) rates will be much lower due to the newness of the engine where there is not a great deal of competition or keyword dilution.
Get onboard now because it won’t be long before Bing begins to charge fees comparable to Google and Yahoo.

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