Google Advertising Policy – The Importance Of The Google Advertising Policy For AdWord Advertisers

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In order to use a service anywhere there is always an option that we have and it is the one option that is not optional. Yes, I am talking about that all too familiar box you have to tick on application forms etc that asks us to tick the box to agree to the “terms and conditions” of the service owners or as it becoming more familiar the “Terms Of Service” If the terms and conditions aren’t agreed the service doesn’t allow you to use it. You have to agree with the terms and conditions of a company before they allow the service to be accessed.

Google is no different when it come to their terms of service. Users have to agree that they understand the terms and conditions of the Google Advertising Policy. The most widely used service provided by Google to advertisers is the Google AdWords service which allow advertisers to have ads placed under search terms predetermined by them using the keywords that they want their ads to appear under within the search results.

All to often people just jump in and agree to the terms and conditions of a service without properly understanding what they are agreeing too. Since the Google Advertising Policy is a business service it is extremely important that users understand the policy of the service. It is a huge factor on whether you are successful as an AdWords advertiser. All to often people have had ad placements in place and seeing results only to have the ad shut down for a breach of service. One area that is becoming evermore complicated is directly sending traffic to another owners website in order to gain a commission for the referral. The term that is associated with this is direct linking and it is being frowned upon more and more by the Google advertising policy.

As online business is always changing so to does the Google advertising policy and it is important that all service users keep themselves up to date with any changes that are made within the policy as it can be a disaster if you find yourself shut down after setting up a campaign properly only to find a slight change in the policy can take a huge impact on advertisers campaigns.

Successful advertisers know the importance of setting up AdWords campaigns that are in line with any terms and conditions that are in place with the service provider which in turn frees more time up for their other business commitments as they can set the campaign up to run 24/7 while they only need to check in on things less often.

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