Google AdWords Content Network – Knowing the Bid Price to Maximize Profits

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Internet advertising can be a complex thing to do with some people but with the right knowledge (doing some research and analysis) and creativity, you can make it successful. With maybe just a simple ad campaign, you can reach many people globally.

Traffic is the key ingredient of a successful ad campaign and driving traffic to your site need lots of this creativity, analysis and experimentation’s. You don’t have to stick to one campaign strategy since there are also other options.

You can start your ad campaign on the search network since people would naturally search for keywords if they are searching for something. After you have your campaign running smoothly, you can opt to have the content network to do some experimentation.

Since you already have knowledge on keywords and landing sites that are working then you can apply this to the content network. This ad campaign costs you much less and can give you more return.

You can start on low bids per click on your content network and run the campaign for one or two days and see if you have clicks. You can opt to bid on cheaper keywords that are lower ranked but running plenty of these can give you traffic.

You have to monitor your conversion rates and make an analysis of these. If you are profitable, you can make adjustments and probably increase your cost per click for better positioning.

The bid price can have a direct effect on traffic generation and positioning of your advertisements. The higher ranked keywords can be priced high and those lower ranked are priced low, so a better strategy could be to bid low on lower ranked keywords and have plenty of these.

You can have problems if you bid on higher ranked keywords since these come in priced high. If your ad campaign will not work, you may end up losing money, so you have to bid on keywords that can maximize your traffic while at the same time give you profit.

If you bid low and you will not get the top ranked position, you may still get the clicks, but the most important thing is your expense is low. Just be sure that you are focused on relevance.

With the low bid campaign you are starting, monitor conversions and see if you have the returns. If you fail, do some refinements and do that test again.

You may not get good results the first time you do your campaign but running succeeding tests and refinements can give you the expectations you desired. You can maximize your profits by doing tests and adjustments, and never give up on your creativity, and the returns on investment will be a reality.

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