Google AdWords Content Network: Steps on How to Bid on Placements

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If you are wondering about how you can bid placement targeting with Google AdWords, there are actually just two ways to do it. It is either you bid on CPM of per 1,000 impressions or CPC for cost per click, meaning cost per thousand bidding.

You simply choose a figure or an amount that you are willing to pay for every 1,000 times your ad will show up. For example, you will have to $50 when you bid for 1 dollar CPM and then the ad gets shown for 50,000 times. The number of times that people will be clicking on your ad will not matter. Which means that even if people have clicked on your ad 20,000 times, you will just pay the $50 that you initially declared. Just take note that each time a page loads with your ad, it will be counted as an impression. If your ad gets clicked a lot of times by a lot of people, it will be good to make use of AdWords Placement Targeting.

Bidding for CPC or cost per click is also very advantageous because you only have to pay whenever someone clicks on your ad or the link to your website. This ought to be the first thing you should try. Should you find that you could be making more profits using a CPM method, then by all means switch to using that particular method.

It can be quite challenging to determine where you should start bidding when it comes to placement targeting. Remember that it could take a couple of days for a human reviewer. A good recommendation is to go for the CPC basis and start with 25 cents. Then you could wait for impressions. With that, you can study and review the changes so that you can tweak your settings and figure our which is more profitable for you, as it is always a case-to-case basis.

Do take note that US$0.25 is the lowest bid that advertisers are able to set for CPM or cost-per-thousand-impressions campaign and US$0.01 is the lowest bid that advertisers are able to set for a CPC or cost-per-click campaign. You may also set these amounts in your local currency if you are not paying in USD.

If you are still confused about bidding for CPC or CPM, you should consider your particular campaign’s objective. If you want visibility and awareness, a CPM bidding will be more beneficial for you since you will be paying for impressions. On the other hand, if you want traffic, then you will benefit more from CPC bidding since you will be paying for clicks.

So which is which? Generally, it is just the same because the content network is designed for awareness and branding.

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