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Google’s “TrustRank” algorithm is something that shouldn’t be ignored in your SEO strategy. There are a lot of “off-page” factors in SEO, including some pretty simple common-sense steps you can take that can corner that “trust” from Google.

Let’s say you need to buy a lawn mower. You’re not just going to consider price, but also warranty and service after the sale, right? There are plenty of factors you’re going to keep in mind about the place where you’re going to buy that mower, before you part with your hard-earned cash. Google has factors that it takes into account as well, to “pre-qualify” a site; some of the ideas we talk about here will almost certainly get your site out of “the sandbox” quicker than the usual 4-6 months.

In no particular order:

* Get a 10 year registration on your domain. It’s only $70 at GoDaddy and is money well spent.

* Get yourself an SSL certificate. You have to have a checking account to get an SSL, which will register with Google. And buy the certificate for as long as you can afford, at the very least for 2 years.

* Make sure your site has a very specific privacy policy telling what happens to visitor information that’s collected from your site.

* Put a mailing address on your site, not a PO box. Everybody feels better about a transaction from a place that has a physical location and not a PO box.

* List your contact information – telephone, fax (if needed), email & name.

* If your budget allows, use a “Hacker Safe” service and put their icons on your site. It tells users and Google alike that you’re concerned and committed about such things.

This is all pretty simple, direct stuff that will up your credibility with users and will signal Google that you are serious and in it for the long haul.

Jerry Renshaw
Content/Admin, Business Communication Solutions
SEO and Webdesign for Austin Texas

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