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Too many small businesses spend a lot of money to have a web site built for them, and yet have no strategy of what to do with it. Unfortunately, the internet is not like “Field of Dreams”, where if you build it, they will come. The world wide web is just that. There are literally millions of sites out there and yours can get lost so easily. Like where your physical address is located is so important, the same can be said about where your site is located on the internet. You have heard the statement about the three most important things that contribute to the success of a business are location, location, location. OK, I am through with all of the trite sayings.

If you have a site do you know where it is on the internet. You have to know where it is before you can draw up a plan to get traffic to your site, just like you want traffic to your store. The first priority is to find where you are on Google. It still rules the internet and if you want visitors to your site and don’t want to spend money on AdWords (more on that later), you have to rank high on Google, preferably on Page 1. If you don’t understand how to get a site ranked on Google, you will have to hire a company or individual to get your site there. Depending on what your business is, this can be very easy or extremely difficult. It is easier to get ranked locally in the city where you are. Say you are a plumber in Atlanta. You will not try to get ranked for “plumber”, but “plumber in Atlanta”. “Atlanta plumber” or something similar. You have to, or the people you hire, figure out what will people be typing into Google search when they are looking for a business like you. There might be three or four things that come to mind.

Spend some time thinking about this and type some of these phrases into Google and see what turns up. Then you will want to rank them in the order of importance. A hint here: think of two and three word phrases and see the differences in Google. For example “Atlanta plumber”, “best Atlanta plumber’, etc. These phrases that you rank will be the ones that you will want your site to rank on page one of Google. Ideally, even have multiple listings on Page one should be your goal. If you have to hire someone to do this, be prepared to pay money up front and then a monthly fee to get your site there and keep it there. This doesn’t happen overnight, and requires a great deal of work. And beware, just because someone knows how to build a great web site doesn’t know how to get it ranked. Also, because a site looks good doesn’t mean it is built correctly to rank high in Google. You see there is much more to this than you realize. That is the reason these monthly fees can range from a minimum of $500 a month to several thousand depending on how competitive your phrases are in your location.

I hope this article didn’t scare you away from getting your site ranked on the internet. More and more people are deciding where to shop or find a service by searching on the internet. Just don’t think building a beautiful site will bring you traffic. In fact some of the more simple sites do the job much better than a site with all the bells and whistles. It is time for you to have a page one ranking on Google.

Charles Roberts helps small businesses get ranked on Google. Check out his latest web sites http://Fluke62.org/ and http://NailDecals.org/.

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