How Do I Promote My Site Using Videos?

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The first thing to do once you have filmed your video is to upload it to a video hosting site. Undoubtedly the most popular of these is YouTube, However, it is important to note that overall they have less than half of the video traffic available so it will pay you to look at other sites like Viddler, Dailymotion and Metacafe etc. There is nothing stopping you uploading to all these sites in fact it would be a great idea if you want to get as much exposure as possible.

For the purposes of this article I will concentrate on YouTube but the same principals will hold true for most of the others.

When you first set up your YouTube Channel, as you must if you wish to upload videos, you should look to fully use the account to promote your site. You should let your audience know who you are and what website you are promoting by using the information boxes on your account. Tell people who you are what your life is like and why they might be interested in anything you have to say. Do not oversell your business in this area, the idea is for the viewer to find out more about you, like your videos and then be curious enough to go to your website where you can entice them into joining your list.

When setting up your channel user name it is important that you use a name that gets people wondering what you are about. If you just use your own name it is not really going to grab the attention of anyone, so use an interesting one for example milliondollarguru or makemoneytonight. The idea is for you to be noticed more.

You will have to select the type of channel and the category in which you wish to place your videos. Select Guru as your channel type, people assume that this status has to be earned so it will give you can edge right from the start, and I would suggest education as the type, after all I am assuming that you wish to educate your viewers. If these do not sit right with your own reasons for Video Marketing then choose what is appropriate for you. Do not forget to brand the channel background and colour scheme to your own brand if you have one.

When you are ready with the channel set up it is time to upload your videos. I would suggest that you try to upload a couple on the first day if you can and then make sure that you are regularly adding videos. I would look to do at least two per week until you have a decent amount on the channel and then add them as you want. This will make sure that the content is fresh and that any subscribers that you get receive regular notifications of new videos.

Now you must look to market your videos. It is no good just loading them and expecting people to find them, this may bring a little traffic but not really that much. You must build up subscribers to your channel. To do this you need to do to others as you wish to have done to yourself. By that I simply mean you should search out other channels in a similar niche to yours, subscribe to them and friend them. You should also leave some nice comments on their channel comments are. Most people who are into Video Marketing understand that a reciprocal arrangement is expected, not all but most. I would suggest that you look to add between ten and fifteen subscribers daily.

Once you have subscribed you can look at their videos and leave a comment on them. Each time you leave a comment you also leave a link back to your channel. People viewing these channels are generally interested in you niche and so may well take a look at what you are doing. If they like your content they will look to find out more about you and this will eventually lead them to your website and opt in list.

A quick word of warning, please do not leave antagonistic comments on other peoples channels, as I have already said do to others as you would have done to you. If you leave a nasty comment you may well get some back and you do not want to get into a mud slinging match with anyone.

Apply these few tips to your Video Marketing campaign and you will see the number of channel and video view steadily increase. This can only increase the flow of traffic to your website and increase your value in the eyes of your subscribers.

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