How to Do Pay Per Click Advertising

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Pay per click advertising is a way to get your website seen on a pay per click search engine. You only get billed when someone clicks on your ad. Google AdWords is the world’s largest pay per click program.

In this article we will look at how to do PPC advertising and not lose your shirt doing it.

First of all here are a few benefits of pay per click.

1. You can begin advertising very quickly. As soon as your campaign is set up and approved you can be getting traffic.

2. You can target the visitors you want and get more quality traffic than other forms of advertising.

3. The cost can be low if you watch how you bid.

4. You are in control. If something is not working you can change it.

5. You get to write the ad copy and choose the keywords to bid on.

6. It is your budget. You can cap it on a daily or monthly basis depending on how much you want to spend.

The biggest thing you must learn is how many clicks does it take to get a sale. Until you know how much you are spending per click to get a buyer you can never calculate how much you can afford to bid.

In the beginning start low. It is not unheard of to bid as low as .05 to .10 cents per click. To do this you may have to bid on hundreds or even thousands of keyword phrases as they relate to the theme of your site.

Even a phrase that only get 10 searches a month can be cheap traffic for you. It will just take you a lot more words to bid on to get the monthly traffic you need to make money.

Popular places to do pay per click advertising include:

– Google AdWords
– Yahoo Search Marketing ( which used to be Overture)
– MSN adCenter PPC from Microsoft
– 7Search
– Kanoodle
– GoClick

Here is one more bit of advice. Never bid more than you can afford to lose at first. You do not know what the results may be no matter how good you think your campaign is.

Michael Kelly
PPC Coach

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