How to Let Google AdWords Content Network Work for You in Your Current Market

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You might think that getting traffic to your website may be hard to do but in reality you can do it with just creativity, hard work, and doing the right advertising strategy. You can employ the right advertising campaign for your online business and watch the traffic come to your site.

You can opt to have your ad campaign on the search network or on the content network. With the search network, your ads can be seen by viewers when they search for keywords relevant to your products and with the content network your ads are displayed on websites and your audience can come from those viewing these sites.

Some say that the content network doesn’t work. This may be due to them experiencing fraudulent clicks and getting no conversions.

If you are new to AdWords, you can opt to start with the search network especially if the content network is still unfamiliar to you. This way you can have an understanding on what particular ads and landing pages are working.

When you already have the experience, you can try doing the content network. This can give you the necessary traffic because of the wide range of relevant websites available where you can opt to have your ads displayed.

Run the content network campaign different from your search network campaign. You can do it differently because you can choose from a list of thousands of relevant sites you can place your ads and the costs are lower.

This way you can find out if you can get clicks even if you start out with low bids on relevant sites and categories. You can run this campaign for a couple of days and if you get the clicks you can then analyze the conversion rate.

The content network can be more effective especially if you use banner ads displayed prominently on the top of relevant sites. Do not use the same ads you have in the search network by creating new ones that can really excite viewers.

With the lower cost of the content network, you can have varieties of text ads or graphic ads that you can experiment on. Since you can have the option to pull it out immediately if it will not work, then you can have more creative options to employ.

Since you not only want to have different ads to your different targeted audience, you can have these by having different bid prices. These can give you a good analysis on which sites or strategies can be effective.

Doing this can be beneficial to your current market. Stopping strategies that won’t work and doing adjustments can give you good conversions.

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