How You Can Use the Google AdWords Content Network

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If you have an online business, your primary concern would be on how to make it successful. Your success would have to depend on how much traffic you can drive to your site and its corresponding conversion rate.

To realize this you need to embark on an ad campaign to promote the products and/or services you offer. With AdWords, you have the option to do your ad campaign on the search network or do it on the content network.

If you are an AdWords user and you are doing your campaign on the search network, your advertisements will show up when the client searches for a keyword. The content network type is different from this kind of ad campaign.

With the content network, your ads will show up when the client reads an article, blog or any content that is on a website relevant to your product. These can drive more traffic since your ads will not only show up on keyword ad group searches but also on other sites relevant to yours.

In the content network, thousands of sites are added daily and this could be to your advantage. The traffic can be magnified many times over because of these additional sites where you can have your ads placed.

With the content network, if your ads are performing well on one site then you can have it displayed on sites on a wider scale. There are plenty of relevant sites that are available, with relevance as a factor, and it just need your decision to do the placements.

With content network advertising, you are not reaching people who are searching for something they need but can be viewed by searches who are reading other relevant sites. You need to have your ads be exciting and will really stand out when viewers see them.

You can have your content network ad campaign work as a banner ad network. You have to make your image ads just like those in billboard ads where viewers need a second look because of their striking appeal.

Have your banner ads shown on the top of some major sites. You can have as many of these as the cost per click in content network is lesser than on the search network.

Since costs are less, you can display plenty of graphic ads as well as text ads on major websites relevant to yours. You can, however, opt to do the campaign on cost per click rather than on cost per impressions because of costs.

Do some testing on your content network campaign and do research on the audiences it reaches. If a particular strategy fails and won’t give you the return, do some refinements and run it again.

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