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Why Video?

Video marketing in places like YouTube or at your own website gives a lot of credibility. People can see who you are and that’s extremely important if you sell things. The market for videos is huge and growing more than you can imagine every single day.

How To Do It Easy?

If you are like me and do not feel that you fit in a video, look for options. There are many that you can choose from. I tried to make many videos only to find out that it did not work. I had people looking and they also said that it was not me at all. Then I started looking for other possibilities to make videos cause I really wanted to make some.

If you are in the same situation as me, Animoto can be a great alternative for you. By using their online service you can make 30 second videos with pictures and music for free. If you want to make them longer there is a small yearly fee to pay. I have used Animoto in my videos and the critical friends gave me thumbs up.

Another option for making a video pretty easy is recording your screen and make a “how to” video. This can also be done with a Powerpoint presentation with your own comments in the background. I see many people use this with great success to promote things that they sell. You simply make your Powerpoint and record your screen as you do the presentation.

If you use Animoto everything will be automated and the video will be finished in a few minutes. It will also be ready to send to YouTube with one click on your mouse. If you make it in other ways you might need to edit your video. This can be done easily with the free software from Microsoft called Movie Maker.

Where To Find The Software?

If you use a pc the Movie Maker software will probably be on your computer already, and if not you just do a search in Google to find it.

Camstudio is a free software for screen recording. If you want to pay for software I will suggest Camtasia as a great option that you can try 30 days for free.

Animoto is an online software and can be found at

Now you go ahead and test it out. I will give you the advice to test everything and find what is the best way for you to do it. Everybody have different ways of working and that is what puts the personal style to the results.

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