Ninja Link Building Part One – How To Build Links And Use Anchor Text

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Part One: How To Build Links And Use Anchor Text

Link building is a form of off-page SEO. Links are THE most important factor in search engine rankings. Even if your on page SEO is top-notch, your competition could outrank you if they have a better back link profile.

Using the techniques we will cover in the next five installments, you should begin building back links at a rate of about 10 a day. After 2 weeks, increase to 20 a day if you have the resources. After a month at 20 links per day you should see more links showing up naturally (that you didn’t create yourself) from your website visitors who link back to your quality content. You can do more at anytime, certainly. However a gradual increase in links shows a steady growth to the search engines. If you blast a thousand links in a matter of days, you will most likely be punished by the search engines and lose rank or be un-listed out right. That is one reason why buying 3000 links from link farms and such is a very bad idea. It is more about quality than quantity now.

Wikipedia defines it as:

“The anchor text, link label or link title is the visible, click-able text in a hyper link. The words contained in the anchor text can determine the ranking that the page will receive by search engines.”

These days, search engines are ranking your site more and more based on the anchor text found in the links back to your site. Whenever possible you want to have your main keyword phrase as anchor, not your company name (unless that is what you want to rank for).

Now the best strategy for long-term success and maximize your traffic flow is to alternate your anchor text with your top four keyword phrases you want to rank for. Throw out a blanket, if you will, of anchor text covering the top eighty or ninety percent of your market searches. However, if you are just beginning for the first two or three weeks it is recommended to limit this to just your top key phrase. Build up your rankings for the top phrase and then spread it out. Ideally, after you rank well for your top phrase you would alternate each phrase equally. This will spread your link authority out over the smaller three and increase your overall site traffic while helping to maintain your current rank for the largest.

Things to avoid:
~an entire 6 month campaign with the same key phrase anchor text.
~building too many links in too short of a time ( ie auto link software )
~buying, trading or acquiring links from low quality sites ( link farms, etc )
~using methods that are in violation of the search engine policies ( usually results in lost rank or out right de-listing / banning )

Be sure to check out the next installment Ninja Link Building Part Two: Web Directories

Ninja Linkbuilding series is written by R M Phillips, founder and CEO of Domain Name Ninja. For more free internet marketing talk, swing by our blog; How to be an Internet Ninja

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