Online Yellow Pages Versus Google AdWords

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The worldwide economic slowdown has caused many business owners to cut down on their advertising campaigns. There are increasing numbers though who are resorting to online advertising campaigns for boosting their sales revenues. Most clients of online marketing campaigns are small business owners who are just looking for local buyers to satisfy their needs as well as those outside their localities. These ads can be demographic, making local customers looking for something they need, immediately find these with just a click.

They need only the right keywords relevant to their products or services offered. These small business owners can have another choice in their online marketing campaign – the online yellow pages.

Both the online yellow pages and AdWords can be an important part of your ad campaign. Both of them have different followers and can reach them also in different ways, although they can have individual differences also.

The online yellow pages can be more expensive and you are tied up for one year for an ad campaign that you engage into. On pay per click or even on pay per thousand impressions, you can feel that it can be cheaper because of the different options you can avail of.

With online yellow page campaigns, you cannot get out immediately from your advertising campaign because of the one year holdover. You just have to endure your expensive campaign because of this.

When you decide on an ad campaign with the AdWords, you can just register, indicate your payment details, and immediately you can start your campaign and when you want adjustments, you can also have it quickly. With online yellow pages, you have to contact their support staff and your campaign will not start until after a few more weeks.

When you start an ad campaign, you have to consider yourself, your budget, your prospects in getting the business, and how many people can probably reach you through clicks. Your budget can definitely push you towards making a decision where returns would be good for your business.

With yellow pages, you can have personalized services and these can be advantageous to small business owners who are not yet comfortable doing ads online. Online yellow pages have support staff scattered across different areas and you can just contact them.

Small and traditional business owners are already doing these online yellow page ad campaigns. But if you have concerns about budget constraints, you can have AdWords as your different option.

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