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Everyone has an opinion but personally I believe the bottom line when you’re trying to increase your ranking in the SERPs or drive more traffic to your site is back links. Back links are what makes the SEO world go round folks.

No, all links are not created equal. For example, a link from a page rank 7 website that is related to your niche is much more valuable than say a link from a page rank 2 website that deals in plumbing supplies, unless you’re a plumber of course.

There are several good and effective ways of getting quality back links to your site.

1) Create a niche related blog and link the posts to your website, assuming that it’s the same topic of study. You could also invite guest bloggers to write posts on your blog (you can always insert links in their posts as well.

2) Create high quality articles that are well optimized, submit them to the major directories and link them back to your site via the author resource box.

3) Write and submit quality press releases of new products or services, these will also include a link to your site.

4) Create a PDF or power point document that is niche related and solves a problem for your customers, then post it at free document sharing sites. Make sure you link to your website in your user profile, most of these sites use the ‘no follow’ attribute for the articles, however a good link from your profile will do you well.

If you have an offline business and can afford it consider hiring an SEO consultant to evaluate your business and web needs and come up with an SEO services plan tailored to your needs and business.

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