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In the effort to improve on their services, Google has added a new statistics to ranking web sites. The new information rates the speed at which the site responds to requests coming from the all over the globe. Speed is certainly important in this era of fast paced living. Google aims to be at the forefront in providing fast access to information aside from the variety of information.

The company believes that raising the speed in delivery of services is crucial to the operation of website providers in satisfying the customer’s need. When the providers are able to service their clients faster than the other providers, clients are delighted. On the other hand, those that do not respond immediately are often avoided by the internet user. If it takes more than five seconds, most people move to another site.

Based on Google’s research, sites that respond faster to user requests do not only delight the user, but also reduces the ratio of operating expense to revenues. With the faster response, user can scan more pages from your site at a faster speed.

Users feel more confident navigating in sites that respond automatically to user’s requests. When this happens, chances are they would stay longer in your site.

Since we all appreciate fast response to our requests, Google included a tool to assess web sites by how fast they respond to user requests. In fact, they have come up with different types of measurements for speed enthusiasts to go over.

Yes, we all agree that speed is important, but we are also aware that the reason we are searching is because we would want to know more about something. Therefore, the quality of the information provided by the site is definitely important to the search. In any case, Google’s speed ranking services is only available under their English version website Google.com.

If you have not notice any changes to your website traffic yet, this means you belong to the majority of ninety-nine percent of those who haven’t been surveyed yet. However, for those who have been already identified, they may see an increase or a decrease in the traffic of their websites.

Part of Google’s thrust in the industry is to develop faster internet services and in so doing also provide the user better services. All providers should be interested to see how they stand among the industry players. This is important if you want to stay in business for long.

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