Surviving the Tightening Competition in Google AdWords

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In order to find the right keywords to use when writing your articles for your website, you need to use a very powerful keyword tool such as the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Using Google AdWords can make all the difference when it comes to the number and the quality of visitors that you get on your website.

While there are some business owners who have a hard time keeping up with the growing complexity of the Google AdWords Quality Score, there are some who are actually taking their time and focusing on other areas that will make their online marketing campaign a success. Through Google AdWords, some businesses no longer need to outspend their competition – using Google AdWords, any business owner or online marketer can pass up a big spender any time of day.

Before, PPC bidding wars were nothing new when it came to trying to get the highest possible positions in a competitive market. Online marketers then boiled down to many advertisers feeling obliged to pay outrageous CPCs and practically had no online marketing alternatives.

But with the advent of Google AdWords Quality Score and its dynamic formulas, the entire concept of CPC was reinvented. This change allowed advertisers to increase their rank in the search pages without necessarily out bidding their competitors.

There are three strategies that you can use to increase your rankings and conversions without necessarily increasing your cost per click. Use these three strategies and you will definitely survive the tightening competition in the online market.

  • Optimize your site as much as you can, in any way possible.

Optimizing your site means precisely grouping relevant keywords together with the right ad texts. It also means properly structuring your different landing pages so that you avoid losing your keywords.

It is very important that you have a strategy for beating your competition. If you want to optimize your Google AdWords Quality Score, you need to realize that your account structure, and most especially your keyword organization within particular ad groups all play very crucial roles.

  • Only have relevant ad texts

You have to have relevant keywords in your ad copies so that you can effectively improve your click through rate, which is a direct factor in the Google AdWords Quality Score formula. But if you already did step 1, this next step will be very easy.

  • Make sure your landing pages are relevant

If your landing pages do not have the relevant keywords that got the user to that page to begin with, you are doing something wrong and you are wasting money on a click in the process. You need to remember that just like ad texts, landing pages greatly affect your quality score so make sure that your landing pages contain the keywords that draw the user to your site.

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