The Future of One Page Websites Ranking Highly

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I recently attempted creating a small highly relevant yet tiny one page website as part of a small training course. To be honest it wasn’t so recent, about 7 months ago, but the experience still taught me a lot about courses that teach this method of marketing.

I created my site, simple yet concise, put in the proper links and submitted to my select search engine. The whole point of submitting to your chosen search engine is the fact that you don’t need any backlinks for such a small project, or so they say.

The creator of this course may have made a mint from his own techniques but I can’t say the same for my own efforts.

It was just one site of a single page targeted for a long tail keyword. I didn’t expect much and so the results follow.

I did not rank highly. I didn’t break the top five hundred of competing pages. My attempt was a complete flop but it showed me something I had contemplated previously.

Quality content is looked at now more than ever for most if not all search engines. Sites with pages numbering from 30 pages onward are ranking highly because they are deemed quality.

This is seen through the amount of time each visitor spends on the site, backlinks the site has, how targeted the site is to select keywords etc.

For valuable keywords I do not see a very bright future for one page sites that offer minimal content for information seeking visitors. My own attempt failed, but that slightly misses the point. It is why it failed and probably will continue to fail even if I promote it more.

The site was made to be set and forget. But true search engine marketing relies on updates, persistent promotion and other consistent efforts. To say that these one page sites will dominate with longevity misses the point of content on search engines. They don’t offer enough content to be valuable enough to last.

These one page sites may dominate for a while, their rankings lasting for months, or even a year or two, but I do not think they will last as search engines update their algorithms and focus is put far more on content.

Donald Johnson is a college student in San Diego, California. Studying philosophy and neuropsychology he writes on a variety of topics in goal of connecting people with the information they need.

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