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The notion of Marketing has changed leaps and bounds in the recent past. The science or let’s say Art of Marketing has undergone a tremendous change. Gone are the days of traditional mouth-to-mouth or door-to-door marketing. Today, the mediums have changed. With technology updates, marketing has evolved tremendously to make its presence felt through variety of mediums that include visual, print, radio and the internet. Out of all these mediums, there is one medium which shown a lot of potential and has shown exponential growth in capturing the pulse of the crowd and that medium is none other than the Internet. With internet becoming a household entity, every third individual of the urban society depends on the Internet for information, purchasing, networking and knowledge gathering.

As a result of this, websites have crept up like ant hills. Let it be a business, educational institution, government organization or celebrity, everyone has a website so that online users can access them and get relevant information about either their services or products. Just imagine, how difficult it would be to search for the relevant information in this scattered warehouse of data called the World Wide Web (www), where we do not know where and how exactly we would find the info that we need. This is where the Search Engines step in. Google is like blessing for online surfers, you type in the words that you are looking for and you have the results that you desire.

But often than not, some of these results are not what we had searched for but they still show up and we end up getting frustrated and spending more time foraying between the unwanted results. Out of the top 10 results, we happen to click only 2 because all others did not show up with the data that we were looking for. Suppose, we had searched for “seo company ontario” and out of the top 10 results only 2 are from Canada, we clicked on one of them, surfed through the home page but did not find any services related to SEO, we would return back to the results. Now, we click on the other result, and reach the SEO service page of the site and find the details that we needed. Without any second thought, we would contact the provider for more details, now that is what is called a Conversion.

The word “Conversion” in itself involves a lot of brain storming and strategy with respect to the outline of a website structure. Converting the visitors to your site into customers is not a difficult task, the essence is to understand what to present to the user when the reach your site or land on a particular page of your website.

Optimizing a website so as to make it conversion friendly is often referred to as Conversion Marketing. Here are some tips to follow to make your website conversion friendly:

Keep your information perspicuous

When a visitor enters a website that is cluttered with information it deters them from wanting to see the rest of the site. It is important to have clear text and visuals which strikes a chord with your audience.

Have a distinctive design

Your website design must stand out from your competition. Emphasize on the fact that your site is easy to navigate in order to find important information by implementing smooth site structure and transitions.

Understand your target market

You need to understand your target audience – what are they interested in, what are they looking for and what convinces them. By understanding your audience you will have better success in communicating with them using their language.

Build trust and credibility

Why should your prospects make a decision to buy your product or service or to hire you for the services you offer? It is very important to build trust with your online visitors. Regular interaction and constant feedback through various social networking platforms helps to create ease with the client and separates you from the rest.

Call to actions

This is where you would need some expert advice. A proper strategic online marketing plan needs to be devised after analyzing the target market and online trends.

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