The Whole Story About Pay Per Click Marketing

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Advertising is the way to promote any business and Pay Per Click Marketing is bidding on getting your ad placed at the top of the search engines results. Whatever amount of money you are willing to risk can get you to the top, but only your website can help you make the sale. Here are some issues to keep in mind when developing your PPCM campaign.

Your advertising has resulted in a million hits to your web site, but it is cluttered and confusing which is why none of those clicks turned into sales. Your site should be divided up into categories of interest where visitors can quickly find what they were interested in buying. They will want to see a means of getting in touch with you through a Contact Us form, or a blog, even an opt-in newsletter will impress them. These tools will allow you to promptly follow up and attempt to close the sale.

Your product pages will have descriptions of each item and that results in what is called ‘content’. This content will have repeated words used in the description which are known as ‘keywords’. Those keywords and fresh unique content will be used by the search engines to determine you ranking before you start your ad campaign.

Your product keywords are used in your PPCM ads and must match what is found on your site. The better job you do in selecting these keywords, the better your search engine results will be. Those keywords will be how the SEs determine where to display your ads on other related sites, and can be the most important words you ever develop.

Search engines finance their business by selling advertisements, and the top 5 links to be listed are the most prized results of all. In Pay Per Click Marketing you compete with others by placing a bid as to how much you are willing to spend to get that number one position. To increase your chances of making sales, you designed your web site to make visitors want to become your steady customers.

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