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Speed has always been an essential quality for survival. In the past, people had to run fast in order to hunt prey. Today, businesses have to deliver their products and services faster than the rest of the competitors. Otherwise, they will lose their business to others that can. This important quality is also required from the web service providers. Google was able to come up with a special algorithm that could determine the speed of response of the website providers.

The people in Google embarked in such a project because they believe that both providers and users are interested in getting the fastest service. People who visit a site would immediately go out when the response takes longer than the average. If it takes more than five second to respond, visitors will normally cancel their entry to the site.

On the other hand, providers that respond fast get more visitors delighted and at the same time, are able to do more business at the same cost. Visitors are encouraged to view all of the pages of the website and most likely, purchase the products and services of the provider.

In addition, visitors feels more comfortable in going around the site when the site response easily to their requests. With the comfort they gain, they continue to learn more from the site.

With the fast pace life we are faced today, everyone using the internet demands higher speed in responding to the requests. Google has come up with a system that will determine the speed and rank these sites according to the speed they deliver.

Speed may be important when we consider providing website services, but let us not forget that the reason why these internet users search on the internet is because of the information that they can gather. Therefore, there is no substitute to the content of your website. Nevertheless, everyone will still be interested on ranking of the sites they often visit. These are only available under the English version of Google.com for the moment.

To date less than one percent of searches are interested in this issue. If you are a provider who has not experienced any loss or gain of visitors due to the speed issues, you will eventually experience it eventually.

Google believes that speed is of the essence to all stakeholders, both the provider and the user. As such, all must aim to provide faster services soonest. Meanwhile, Google offers a picture of today’s speed for the purpose of improving the industry and the services as a whole.

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