Two Things You Should Know to Rank for Your Keywords

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I have gone through a handful of courses already that point to unneeded variables for ranking highly for a keyword in a search engine. I thought initially that these were true since I paid money for these courses teaching these methods.

I feel these facts need to be cleared in order to pave the way to truly rank within the top 10 of the first page of search results.

I won’t name the program but I was once told to look directly at the number of competing pages for a keyword. This could range anywhere from a few thousand to hundreds of millions. I was told to look for a low number of pages so I could rank easier.

This thinking should be refined to: look at the top ten results of the keyword and look at the strength of those websites. Are they authority sites or do they have thousands of backlinks? The strength of the top ten sites should be all you look at. These are the sites that are visited most often for each keyword and are therefore your main source of competition.

A few courses within the last few years teach this so it must have been at least neutrally as relevant as other techniques that do help rankings.

Though I have heard numerous times that you should have your keyword in your domain to rank well through my own experience and research I found this isn’t necessarily the case. Only about five percent of top ten ranking sites for keywords have the keyword in the domain. This means that having relevant content and high relevancy to your keyword is far more important than what your domain says.

I was taught this method in a couple of short video series on ranking. Statistics, however, disprove the relevancy of this method for most recent rankings.

People are teaching these methods but it bothers me that these same people are considered knowledgeable gurus. These are old myths that seemed to work, but are obviously not as impacting as they once were, or even ever were for that matter.

If they did matter at one point, they are no longer as relevant.

Backlinks are your best ally partnered with quality content on your site. It can be hard enough ranking when you know what to do. You don’t need unnecessary hurdles in front of you hindering your way.

Donald Johnson is a college student in San Diego, California. Studying philosophy and neuropsychology he writes on a variety of topics in goal of connecting people with the information they need.

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