Understanding Backlinks Part 4: Social Bookmarking Backlinks

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Bookmarking a site is the simple task of saving a website to your favorites to view later. Social bookmarking is similar but with a whole different twist. Social bookmarking in addition to just being a storage for your favorite links, can also be a great marketing tool, not to mention a great source for backlinks.

Social bookmarking provides users the ability to store bookmarks online which can be viewed from any computer or anyone using the network. You can share your links with anyone that you wish by simply sending them the link to your bookmarks. Many times someone will come across your bookmarks and decide to share it with their friends.This works great for marketing if you have a list of links that you are trying to promote.

There are several advantages to bookmarking your links. Bookmarking sites are very popular with the search engines and often carry a high pr(page rank). That is why bookmarks are a great source of high pr one way backlinks. Every time your site is bookmarked, you have just created a quality link leading back to your site which can also increase your page rank and the your natural search results with the search engines.

Getting your site bookmarked begins with social interaction, which explains the “social” in social bookmarking. These social media sites allow you to find people of like interest and send them a friend request. The more people you can find with similar interest, the higher the chances that they will enjoy your content and bookmark it.

The disadvantage to social bookmarking is the time it may take to find friends of similar interest, especially if your are not a sociable person. For people who do not have the time to manually send friend request, there are several online tools that can automate the process. These tools also have the capability to even automate the bookmarking process. Since content is king, using automation tools can conserve time for webmasters, which allows for more time creating quality content.

Just like article marketing, the key to generating hundreds of high pr social bookmarking backlinks is creating good content that merits bookmarking. When you provide readers with information that can provide a solution to a problem or answers to their questions, they are more likely to bookmark your site for later. Remember, the more social bookmarking backlinks you can generate, the higher your search engine rankings will soar.

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