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Video is a great way to promote your website and it can also be completely free. It is easy to do, the software you use is easy to use and you can explode your business by generating tons of traffic. This article will show you the right direction to start using video to promote your site.

OK using video is one of the Internet marketing bread and butter techniques. It is an easy way to advertise and usually takes less than half an hour to do. The best part is it is absolutely free, with some restrictions.

There is a three-step process in creating a video. First you need software that will record the screen of your computer. Jingproject (you get five minutes free), Camtasia or Techsmith are all good depending on your budget. Jing is free for five minutes. Second you need to create a ppt. slide and just read the slides as you record. The next thing to do is submit it to YouTube or Tubemogul.

If you want to see your business blow up and drive mass amounts of people to your site you must do a couple of things. First create valuable content don’t just talk about you dogs bad breath. Give people a solution to a problem give some quality content. And second at the very end ask people to visit your site don’t make it a sales video just ask politely.

All right, now you should feel confident enough to start creating your own videos for advertising your site. Don’t get hung up on it just do it and get the product out there. Just grab the software you want to use record and submit it is that easy.

If your interested in creating an online business but don’t know where to start here are 26 free videos explaining how an online business works.

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