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In order to maximize your online presence and increase the amount of visitors that you have on your website with the Google AdWords Content Network is to utilize banner ads with images on it. Survey’s have proven that banner ads attract more than the regular text ads.

One massive reason behind this is due to the fact that banner ads generally command a bigger space and you can utilize images to attract more reaction simply because psychologically, people act in response more at visually stimulating images than texts. And this fact has been proven time and again with physical billboards that you see outside your window.

Another basis why banner ads’ response accounts for a bigger percentage of your website traffic is because text ads are seen and read by people who are really on the lookout for it while banner ads are seen by people either searching for a specific item or not for they are more massive in size and they contain photos. Pictures say more than words, that is what they say and you can run a more enticing banner ad if you put images on it.

And to take advantage of the ability of these ads to command more website traffic you have to run all types of banner ads to make sure that you capture your target market. In some sites, they would only be willing to run a specific type of ads but on those sites that allow all kinds, run a combination of text and image ads for them to complement each other and work hand in hand.

Increase your click through rates by testing your ads individually and in this way what you will learn brings in more money. Focus on the tests and it will show you what moves to do next to boost your click through rates.

When your click through rates increase, so does the website traffic and along comes with it are the visitors and with it comes the sales at this early. You have to realize the importance of focusing on lowering your cost per click which spells higher return of investment rates.

More likely than not, Google will lower your cost per click if it sees that your click through rate is increasing in numbers. You will soon realize that the traffic brought about by banner ads converts to sales most of the time.

Because of its pioneering experience in placing ads, Google has got the knack of making sure that your banner ads are placed right at your niche market thereby saving you unnecessary expenses on wrong placements of ads and instant investment returns. Knowing this should lead you to the conclusion that there is no other site that reaches the most number of target markets than Google.

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