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Today you will find that a lot of websites are using videos on their sites. This is due to the fact that most people are finding that videos are actually easy to make. They are more fun to have on your site as well as compared to words and even still pictures. If you think pictures convey a thousand words then imagine how many words videos will convey.

Videos are more effective when used on blogs. With a few marketing skills you can increase your revenues online. You can also make strong connections with your readers.

The age old saying “seeing is believing” applies on the net a lot. Instead of reporting an interview on your site in words, you can actually run a video which will be more credible.

When you constantly use videos on your site you get to find out that it is actually easy to do than even writing. You learn to present within a short time what you would have taken forever to write.

Videos are easy to publish. Within 30 minutes you can create and publish a video on your site. A short video can also convey a lot more words than a few articles can.

Web trend video blogging can save you a lot of time. Previously bloggers had to spend a lot of time just to get their comments across. They had to write endlessly about everything from Religion to Technology. These normally took an extravagant amount of time. This time can actually be reduced today with video blogging.

Finally you can also consider yourself to be a media maker instead of a media consumer. Vlogs which is the name for video blogging online are shorter and catching for your target.

Apple iTunes podcasting supports vlog subscriptions even though most people are not aware of it.

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