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Some people would see it as sad that most people today would rather watch a how-to video on how to repair a dishwasher than read the instructions on the screen or on paper. And people would rather watch a short movie on the history of the civil war rather than sit down for any extended period of time to read a book on the subject. It is sad, but it’s true.

We, as the human race, have developed extremely short attention spans. It started with TV and flipping through the channels with the remote control and it evolved into the internet going from site to site. We want information and we want it now. But we only want the bits we’re interested in.

If there’s a long article online, there had better be bullet points to identify whether or not it’s relevant to what I’m looking for. And if it’s a book, it had better have subheadlines so that I can identify the chapter to read. The bottom line is that we’re lazy. But that’s actually good news for video marketing. If people would rather see a short clip, it’s your job to give it to them. But you have to use your network marketing skills, along with a few social networking tips, to really make your home-made recordings hit home for your prospects.

It’s All About You

When we speak of you, we don’t mean the person making the movie. We mean you, the audience. If you want people to stick with your presentation, you need to make it about the viewer and his/her problems. Otherwise, they couldn’t give a darn. They don’t care about anyone but themselves.

If you were to examine the analytics on a clip where a guy talked about himself and his own experiences for thirty seconds, and then you saw the stats on another one where a guy made the experiences personal, you’d likely see a better conversion rate on the second guy’s short movie. That’s because web surfers are selfish. That’s not a bad statement. It’s not saying anything bad about anyone. But it’s a true statement and it’s one that you have to keep in mind when using video marketing.

Heartstring Tugging

If you don’t appeal to your viewer’s emotions when marketing on sites like YouTube, etc. your presented recoding won’t get you the results you’re hoping for. Your viewers have to be personally invested. For example, if you are selling a weight loss product, your better talk about the viewer and their experiences. You’d better say things like, “If you are like I was a year ago, you feel fatter than you ever have before. You feel inferior to everyone else and you feel downright depressed that you can’t lose weight no matter what you try.”

See, it’s all about the viewer. When you can get into the viewer’s head, and you can repeat their own thoughts back to them, that’s when you’ll have a winning marketing campaign. The way you can deliver that perfect movie that speaks directly to everyone who views it is to conduct social networking experiments using Facebook, Twitter and other network marketing sites. Just listen to what your niche’s audience wants, and use your web clips to respond to those needs. People will think you are psychic, and that’s what great video marketing is all about.

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