Ways to Track Performance on the Google AdWords Content Network

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Where does one begin to send gratitude to Google’s AdWords Content Network? It is this Google online feature that has catapulted one’s website from obscurity to fame and from being a losing website to a profitable one. Google AdWords Content Network has changed the way so many Internet businesses are performing and has transformed the manner with which online marketers do their advertising as well as marketing works. It is helping websites create a niche in the market that it is associated with or is promoting in its pages.

But how does a website owner track the website’s performance on the Google AdWords Content Network? What are the various ways to know if its advertisements are being clicked or if website traffic is interested in the website’s various advertisements?

Is the website owner making profit or are they losing with the continued usage of Google AdWords Content Network? Should a website be taken off of the list or retained?

These are the questions that should come to mind to a website owner who is tracking the performance of their keywords and advertisements on the Google AdWords Content Network. Tracking performance is important because this is how a website owner gauges if their keywords or advertisements are performing or if they aren’t and if they are making any profit at all.

There are several ways of tracking performance. It can be done online and offline.

Under the online category, there is Conversion Tracking. Conversion happens when an online user does exactly what the website is asking them to do immediately after they clicked on a Google AdWords advertisement, the clicking of which brought them to one’s website.

It’s imperative that a website owner is able to track the website’s conversion rate because in this way they will know if the contents of the site are appealing to prospective clients so much so that they would want to open some of its conversion pages. The Conversion Tracking feature forms part of the package that one gets from using Google AdWords Content Network and if you want to learn how the tracking happens, please visit the Google site.

Meanwhile, the other way to track performance on the Google AdWords Content Network is through Google Analytics. What is a wonderful about this tracking system is that it is also able to provide a website owner with other such useful information as what visitors to one’s website is doing with the different pages of your site or where these potential customers are coming from – information that should serve as a guide on how to better improve the website.

On the one hand, under the offline category, there is the web survey method and the giving-of-coupons style. All these four methods should help a website owner track their website’s performance and measure if the website is profiting or not.

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