When Doing Keyword Research for Google AdWords Pay Per Click Campaigns, Look Broadly at Your Market

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When using AdWords Pay Per Click to advertise your business, first understand what the market is and who the customers are for the product or service being offered.

Look at the Market, Not the Product

Selling insurance, weight loss products, accounting services, or cell phones? Not the thing to focus on.

Here’s the thinking we often follow: “I want to sell my product or service on the internet.” And off we go to get as deep as we can in promoting that product, providing details and information about the product or service that is offered. But, the subject matter of what you are selling – a product, a service, whatever – is not the big deal.

What Matters Most? Markets Matter Most

When marketing, whether it’s Pay Per Click advertising, Facebook business pages, a website or other digital asset, the marketing message you deliver should focus in on the market. Figure out everything you can about the market (the vertical) for your product or service, then how to position yourself in that market.

An Example:

Taking a look at any fat loss product: Apidexin, Hoodia, Acai, etc…

Now, think market = Diet and Weight Loss Market.

How Will a Customer Search in that Market?

Now, you have to identify with the person who is entering a search in the Diet and Weight Loss Market. Put yourself in the shoes of the woman who tried on her bikini and hated how she looked.

  • What keywords will be used. Weight Loss Supplements, Boost Energy Levels, Get a Bikini Body, Get ripped abs, lose belly fat, etc…
  • Where are they in the buying cycle. Someone entering “How to lose weight” is seeking information, but someone entering “Hoodia 60 pill package with free shipping” is looking to buy.

My point? What we are doing here is choosing the Weight Loss Market, not just a product. The market rules how you will promote your product or service.

So, as a short summary, look at your product or service within the overall market it plays in, then put yourself in the mind of the customer for that market, and let your product or service deliver what the customer wants.

Carl Loop is a Houston AdWords Professional, and invites you to find out how to market your product or service directly to people searching for it.

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