When It Comes to SEO, Maybe We Can Learn From the Blue Whale

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If you ask a client what keywords they want to be found for, you’re more than likely to be given a list that includes some pretty incredibly difficult ones. It’s not unusual to be asked to promote a site (and get it to number one) for keywords such as “houses” or “debt advice” or similar. Now these are probably not impossible, but they’re difficult and they’ll take a very long time. By the time you do get to number one you’ll probably be out of business anyway.

But there are many other keywords that are probably not as popular but which still do pretty well and can get you some pretty good rankings and therefore traffic a heck of a lot easier. These “long tail” words are usually much less popular but there are more of them, and this is where the blue whale analogy comes in.

For example, many people and animals spend all their time going after the one big “fish” that will keep them busy or fed for a long time, expending an awful lot of time and energy in the process. But if they don’t manage to catch it, they can be in for some pretty lean times. Take a look at the whale though and you find it works in a completely different way and happens to do quite well out of it.

A whale’s diet consists mostly of krill, a small shrimp-like creature that can be found in large blooms in many areas of the ocean. Much like long-tail keywords, individually they give little in the way of sustenance but together they enable the largest mammal on the earth to live and thrive.

The whale simply grazes, constantly taking in these small creatures but in vast amounts. So how can we use this in business?

Well if our product can be found and bought online then you can head along to the Google keyword tool and type in your main keyword. This tool will then give you a list of keywords that are similar to yours but which may well have far less in the way of search traffic. However, add them all together and you can potentially find twenty or so keywords with smaller amounts of traffic each but which when added together can result in far more traffic than the keyword we started with.

If you check the competition, you’ll probably find they’re much easier to dominate too making your SEO job a lot easier.

The key to good SEO is to always look for these keywords, take advantage of their easy placement potential and make sure you can turn those smaller number of searchers into paying customers.

Andy Calloway is the online marketing director at Calloway Green Ltd, a website design and optimisation company based in Wolverhampton in the UK. Calloway Green take fantastic website design and turn it into a marketable and usable product that will actually make you money. They specialise in Web Design Birmingham for West Midlands based organisations that are looking to sell their products to a wide audience.

The company also hase a wide range of SEO training courses available and are able to help companies that are looking to train their key staff in order to promote themselves online. We can also help you with your new career.

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