Where To Place Banner Ads For Maximum Performance For More Sales

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Having a product or service for sale online can be a lucrative business if ad placement is properly setup on the page. As well, being an affiliate marketing a product for a vendor also has its advantages – but, one must know where to place the banner ads in order to get more positive clickthroughs. When positioning flash banners, gif banners or active gif banners, banner advertising must be done properly in order to convert sales.

Knowing Where To Place Banners For Maximum Sales

This tip often eludes new marketers for several months as they build their blogs and affiliate websites. Typically, a blog will offer either a left sidebar, a right sidebar or two right sidebars or two left sidebars. For me, the best configuration has always been a sidebar on either side of the blog. Although, I have had luck with only a right sidebar on a few different blogs. Like any good marketing action, you’ll need to test this over the course of a few weeks.

What Banner Sizes To Use On Your Blog

Banner size is also key to good banner placement. In my testing (and opinion) the worst place to put a banner ad is under the blog post or at the very bottom of the page. You’ll need to capture the attention of the viewer within the first 500 pixels – just a little bit below the fold.

The four most used banner sizes include:

  • 160×600 Skyscrapers (used for right or left sidebars)
  • 468×60 Banners (most popular)
  • 300×250 Block Banners  (great for blog posts)
  • 125×125 Small Blocks (meant for sidebars in blogs particularly)

The ones that got me the most click-throughs and sales have always been the 300×250 banner ad. I use them explicitly at the beginning of every post and wrap my text around it. The next most common one I use is the 468×60 banner where I have these primarily above each post heading. The skyscraper banner ad I normally use on the right or left sidebar. Lastly, I use the 125×125 block in my sidebar and often am able to place one right alongside the other.

Be sure to only place banners that match the topic you are blogging about. This is key to getting good clickthroughs – if your banner does not match the topic you are blogging about, you are simply wasting good banner real estate

Testing Your Ad Banner Placement

Testing is essential. What works for one marketer may not work for another – especially when it comes to the niche of the product being promoted. You have to keep your content inline with the flash or gif banners you are using with your blog posts or web pages.

Where to Get High Converting Banners Created

Flash banners and gif banners are not all equally created. There are graphic artists who can design a good looking banner ad, but then fall flat when it comes to the text that makes a prospect “want to click” on that banner. You also have to base the price of the banner in accordance with your product. You should also check the portfolio of the designer to see their gif banner examples.

If you are a vendor with affiliates, its also a good idea to have banners created for affiliate use. Nothing empowers an affiliate more than being able to grab good quality banners from your affiliate page for use on their site. If you are wondering where to get quality gif banners, I would suggest only consulting with a graphic marketing shop that “only” specialize in flash banners or active gif banners.

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