YouTube Can Bring Traffic – Three Tips To Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

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In Internet marketing, regardless of the niche, traffic is the most important thing to be had. Any marketer, no matter what level they are, should know this. Further, it is targeted traffic that everyone is after, because targeted traffic has the highest likelihood of converting into a sale, and sales mean commissions, and commissions are what everyone is after.

There are many ways to drive traffic to a website, but free traffic is always the best choice when a person is just starting out, and indeed this type of traffic is a great choice even when someone is more established, because, well, it’s free.

In the past, the ways to generate traffic were highly dependent upon search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These search engines, particularly Google, still play a large part in how well a particular site performs over a given period, but as with everything, evolution never ceases, and changes abound. More and more, consumers are using social media sites like Facebook and YouTube to find information, along with the other searching methods.

These other types of sites have seen substantial growth over the last few years, and they allow for content to be presented via video, which appeals to the increasingly short attention span of today’s consumers much more than say, reading an article.

Video marketing really is the wave of the future, and the future is now. So, how can this be capitalised upon? Learning how to improve your video marketing skills is an obvious first step. Following the simple tips below will ensure that you know how to improve your video marketing to generate traffic.

1. Get to know YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites

Recent statistics show that YouTube, Facebook and other social media properties are growing exponentially, and audiences can be highly targeted for specific things; this can mean that there is a huge potential to generate traffic to a new site. In order to get the odds in your favour for success, you need to be aware of current trends, what people want, what they’re watching etc. Spend time on these sites surfing through the most popular and most watched videos, and try to emulate those in some way.

2. Make videos that are purposeful and high quality first

This goes right along in line with the above. Do your market research, and watch the trends, it’s important, but also, don’t make spammy videos. Try your best to make high quality, informative or entertaining videos. Provide value. Video marketing clips don’t have to be long, nor do they need to be complex, but they need to be something worth watching, something that hooks a watcher in, and compels them to take action.

3. Optimise those videos

Keywords are just as important in videos as they are in relation to web pages. Make sure that you use your chosen keywords, and other related keywords in the tags, the video title, and within the video description. In the future it will also be important to use keywords in the spoken narration of the videos if this is present, but this is an aspect which is in development. Optimising these will help your videos rank well, not only on the social media sites, but also within the large search engines. However, be sure not to over-do the keyword bit. Make sure everything flows nicely.

If you’ve been wanting use video to drive traffic to a site, but have been wondering how to improve your video marketing strategy, the above tips will help you. Put them into practice, and develop your own system, and soon you will be wondering how to improve your video marketing to generate traffic to an even larger number of sites.

Lisa Oliver is a successful internet marketer and business mum having moved into this area following two children and a successful 14+ years in sales and marketing. She now coaches and mentors others in her online business to help them build a sustainable online business.

For more information on this home-business opportunity visit Lisa’s website at where you can receive a free set of video marketing tips which will show you the exact way that Lisa earns online.

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