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To rank high in Google requires detailed attention to giving Google what it wants. The process is referred to as search engine optimisation or SEO. Follow these seven tips and you will be on your way to achieving that high ranking.

1. The most important requirement for good SEO is to write relevant and unique content on your web pages. Relevant content is specific to the page title and does not wander off into other areas. That is important because the searcher wants to see something relevant to the search query.

Your content must also be unique. It is no good copying something that has already been written by somebody else because it will not get ranked and could be penalized.

2. Your page content should be based on your keyword so it is important to get your keyword right. Many thousands of pages have been written on this subject but just consider the starting point. What will searchers look for?

Suppose you are promoting a website for scuba diving. You could choose the keyword “scuba diving” but that is a very broad keyword and is not generally recognized as particularly commercial. In other words people searching for scuba diving may be looking for any one of hundreds of scuba diving items. They might want lessons or equipment or expedition opportunities.

It is far better to use a keyword that is more specific to a narrow requirement. For example a search for “buoyancy control device” is only likely to be searched for by somebody wanting to purchase such an item.

3. Do some research. Find out what your competitors are doing. Search for your keywords and explore the sites that come up in searches. Check the keywords people used to find the page. Look throughout the website and see the page keywords. Then think how you can improve on what they are doing.

4. Make your page content very readable. It should demand attention and not just be a boring generalization of your subject. It should be creative. Fill it with interesting facts and figures. Add an amusing story or something controversial. Whatever you do don’t expect people to read just because they have landed on your page. They are looking for good information that they have not seen anywhere else. They want to get value from you and when they do they will not search for other pages.

5. Your title and meta description tags in the HTML code for your web pages tell the search engines a lot about your website. Don’t use general type titles. Be specific to each page as that is an opportunity for you to get individual pages ranked. Keep the title length within that required by Google, currently 66 characters and spaces. Meta descriptions should be within 150.

6. Google wants to navigate your site so that it can understand what it is about. The best way to help Google with this is to provide a sitemap. If you use WordPress you can get plugins to generate sitemaps. For other websites there are tools online that build a sitemap for you and keep it up to date.

7. You can tell the search engines which pages you want them to index and which they should avoid. To SEO beginners that often appears to be strange. Why would you want to stop a search engine indexing certain pages?

You really want them to index pages that are intended to have a positive effect on your web business and not all of your pages are likely to do that. For example you might have a folder containing files used as resources for important pages but which in themselves do nothing for your viewer. By using a robots.txt file you can determine which pages are indexed.

These seven tips refer to important aspects of good SEO but in reality they are subjects that have created their own controversy amongst SEO experts. There is a range of possible interpretations of what constitutes good SEO but using these seven tips as a starting point you should undertake further research on the subject. Do your research with those sources you can rely on. Pick the recognized experts and search Google’s own information archives.

It takes time and effort to make your website search engine optimised but when you do then you will rank high in Google.

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