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Effectively using SEO article writing can greatly increase your chances of having your article rise to the top of the search engines for the subject you are writing about.

But it is important that they search engines know what your article is about to be able to list it in the organic search results for the keywords you are targeting. That’s where SEO article writing comes in to play.

You see, even though the search engines have come a long way over the years, the search engines aren’t quite as smart as everyone thinks they are. They need help in determining what it is you are talking about in your article. If you confuse them too much they don’t know what to think and won’t list you for anything in the search results.

So the search engines need your help and that is where you need to put your SEO article writing skills to work.

Writing articles optimized for the search engines is not as complicated as it sounds.

Some of the main points you need to target when SEO article writing are:

  • Making sure your keyword is in the title.
    • You want to keep your keyword or keyword phrase in the title and preferably in the correct order.
    • You should also try and keep your keyword at the beginning of the article title if at all possible.
  • You should place your keyword in the first paragraph of your article.
    • Once again, your goal here is to try and keep it as close to the beginning of the paragraph as possible.
  • You should also close your article with your keyword.
    • Here you will want to try and keep your keyword or keyword phrase as close to the end of the last paragraph as possible.
  • You also want to sprinkle your keyword phrase throughout the article body itself.
    • Now you don’t want to have your keyword used so often that it makes your article sound unrealistic and makes the search engines see your article as keyword stuffing, but enough that it lets the search engines know what your article is about.
    • Most experts agree that when you are SEO article writing you should shoot for a keyword density of around 1-4%.
  • Another aspect of SEO article writing you should be targeting is using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) in your articles.
    • Using LSI basically means that you should be using similar terms in your articles. That would mean getting out your thesaurus and using synonyms in your articles.
    • When people talk about a subject they most often use various terms to refer to the subject they are talking about.
    • You might refer to your abs as your stomach, tummy or belly as well as your abs. Interchanging these words will help the search engine spiders to determine what your content is about.
    • It is also helping to exchange these words with your main keyword if you find yourself using your keyword too much and in jeopardy of keyword stuffing your articles.

Though this form of SEO article writing may seem complicated to you, once you get used to writing in this form it will become second nature to you.

Keep in mind that SEO article writing is only the beginning. The real meat hits the road when you develop an article marketing plan and work on getting backlinks to your articles.

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