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This is essentially free advertising. On YouTube uploading video is free, so you can upload as many video as you want. This is a great service for advertising your website. You have the possibility of having your video viewed in the first few weeks! When subscribing, will ask you if you want to make money with your video. They will ask you to join their partnership program and place their ads on your YouTube video. So when some one clicks the Ad on your video you will get paid! Isn’t that great?

YouTube videos can become an asset your website or the product you are advertising! Remember to put tags on your videos, so when people type that keyword in to YouTube your site will come up!

It’s all pretty easy. You can create a short video of yourself talking about your product or your website. I think this is better than a slide show! People viewing videos want to see people in them not pictures! This is why they come to YouTube!

Post your links to social network site’s this way you will be getting it out to more people and then they will come back to your website if they like your video.

Go to yourself and look for expert marketer on video and watch a few videos too! This will help you develop the top skills you need to attack your customers. I will do an article on this subject sometime later, because it’s worthy of a full article of its own.

There are lots of possibilities. You can get a deal with other marketers to promote your product and you can do the same thing for them. Put a banner on your site off their product and in return they will do the same thing for you.

You can also get into a deal by asking other promoters to promote your product in their videos and you promoting theirs, just like the link-exchange in case of search engine optimization or SEO. Such cross-promoting will help you in earning more popularity within YouTube or Search engines.

Facebook is a great place to put your video. If you upload your video to Facebook and post it on your wall, people can view it there too, and the best off all, if your Facebook friends like your video they can share it too!

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Don’t hesitate – Fortune favours the Brave

Alan Brown

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