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Keywords are foundational to your online marketing campaign. Choosing and targeting the right ones will have a huge impact on the success of your campaign. The good news is there are literally millions and millions of keywords, and good ones, even in heavily saturated niches, are not difficult to find. The bad news is that choosing the wrong keywords will cause your campaign to stagnate.

Right and wrong explained

So what’s a right vs. a wrong keyword? Is there some sort of Keyword ten commandments you need to follow? Whether a keyword is right or wrong for your campaign really comes down to two factors: relevance and competition. Relevance simply means the keyword relates to your subject matter. If it’s not relevant, don’t use it. Your visitors will get irritated. Annoyed people don’t care about your content and they don’t buy.

Competition deals with how many other web pages out there already target your keyword. The more competition you have, the more difficult it will be for you to get your content on Google’s first page for that keyword. To get started with keyword research, aim for keywords with low competition.

Get started with keyword research by getting inside your brain

You can find all sorts of fancy tools and systems for keyword research, but you don’t have to buy any of them right away. In fact, until you know how to do keyword research using your own brain and some simple free tools, you will not be able to use the fancy tools effectively.

To get started with keyword research, think about relevant topics within your overall campaign. Jot those topics down on paper or in a computer file.

Next, think of phrases Internet searchers looking for information on each topic might type into Google. Finally, refine your keywords to give them a competitive edge. You do this by making them longer and more specific. Keywords get less competitive the longer they get. Is there a way to turn your three word short tail keyword into a long tail keyword containing at least four or five words?

Keywords also get less competitive the more specific they get. Do you sell Ferrari race car tires? Then add “buy” to the beginning to make your keyword “buy Ferrari race car tires.” Then you’ll attract the visitors who are ready to buy.

Now you have a good working list of keywords that you can target in your campaign. You can do all this without a single keyword tool and using just paper and pencil. You can either use those keyword phrases right away, or you can dig out the free tools to get some more information and ideas.

To get started with keyword research, go back to some basics. Keep your keywords relevant to your campaign and topic, make them longer, and make them more specific

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