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Effective keyword research can be the difference between success and failure in online marketing. Accurately assessing the probability of your success is essential if you are to avoid spending a lot of time on projects that will fail. Simply put, you need to choose your battles wisely. Good research software can help you choose battles you can win. So, what information should a good research tool give you?


Firstly, it should simply help you find keywords; you may know the area you want to market in but there are many ways that area might be worded. A keyword research tool should be able to give you all the variations connected to your core idea.

The keyword you have chosen should have a relevance to whatever it is that you are trying to market. You do not want to drive traffic to your website that is not interested in your content. You need targeted traffic.

A good research tool will generate a large list of possible keywords and give you options to refine your list; for example with positive and negative filtering – the ability to remove or only keep phrases containing certain keywords. Filtering should also include the ability to choose the length of your keywords, be it one word or five words. Finally, filtering should also be able to flag up possible mistakes that are sometimes returned by search engines.


Understanding how much traffic your keyword can expect is a powerful factor in your choice of keyword. Most keywords in a niche do not have much traffic attached to them. You need to be able to focus on the ones that have a significant amount of traffic.

Keyword research software will tell you how many searches are made on your keyword but this is not necessarily a good indication for you to follow because out of those searches a higher amount traffic goes to the highest ranked websites – for example it is estimated that about 42% of searches goes to the number one ranked website in Google, 12% to the second and so on – the fifth ranked will get about 5%. Good software will indicate how much traffic the top site can expect to receive. In addition, your software should also tell you trends during the year to help you identify keywords that are seasonal.


Your software tool should enable you to understand how much competition your chosen keyword has. If the top ten sites ranked for your keyword have thousands of back-links and have been in existence for ten years, what chance does your new site have? Two aspects of competition are the amount of competition and the strength of the competition. A good keyword research tool should inform you of both factors.


Ok, you have a nice keyword, you reckon the competition is something you can deal with but will that keyword make you money? Does it have commerciality? A good keyword research software will be able to tell you if your keyword has a monetary flow that you can tap in to. Your software tool should be able to gauge this, typically this will through advertising data which will determine the worth of a keyword. If advertisers are paying a high price to advertise with a particular keyword it will mean that the keyword has a good commercial value. This should be examined in the context of how many visitors that keyword has. Simply focussing on traffic without thinking about the commerciality can affect your profits.

A balance of the factors of relevance, money, competition and traffic should enable you to choose your battles wisely and use your time more effectively. If you are using software that does not give you all of this information it may be time to find software that does.

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