YouTube Views Bot – Why NOT To Use These

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Most everyone would love to increase their video views on YouTube. It looks much better to have thousands of views showing for your video as opposed to just a pathetic dozen or so views.

Many people have turned to using what’s known as a YouTube views bot. This is an automated system or program which artificially inflates the number of hits, or views, for your YouTube video. They basically super spam your video with hits, driving the video count into the hundreds and even thousands.

While it may be tempting to use a YouTube views bot, there are 2 very good reasons NOT to use these.

1. BANNED. One of the most important reasons to stay away from bot systems is that your video may be banned, or removed. Using a YouTube views bot can go against the terms and services and be cause for your video to be taken off. So basically you’ve spent a lot of money to artificially inflate your views well into the thousands, and then your video suddenly disappears. And all those video views disappear with it.

2. ACCOUNT SUSPENDED. This can be horrible, especially if you’ve built up your channel with several videos on it and then you decided to take a chance and try a bot program. You use that program, get a lot of hits, but then suddenly your whole account becomes suspended. Rather than just risk having the one video be banned, you also run the risk of having your whole channel closed down. For many accounts that have been suspended, it will be suspected that other videos on the channel have also been artificially view inflated. But even if you use the program on just one video, they could still close down your whole account and thus you lose all your other videos as well.

Is there another way to increase views besides using a YouTube views bot?

Yes. There is another system you can use that actually gives you real human views into the thousands. This is safe and very effective. You can check it out right here –

They have different packages you can choose from. Whether you just want a few thousand extra views, or if you want your video to GO VIRAL, this is definitely the service to use –

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