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Video marketing is becoming a hit nowadays as this is also applied by online marketers to effectively run a campaign. Undeniably because videos can automatically grab people’s attention, gives lesser time of digesting a topic unlike in reading, and has a more dynamic way of presenting ideas.

With this, Google, being the top search engine being used today, is developing another useful platform both for marketers and common online users to include videos in the search engine optimization (SEO) process. Then, here comes Google video SEO where moving images are now also included along with written contents in search engine results.

Though, the search engine can’t pull out the keywords from your video presentation, its now up to you on how you will make your title, description, and location for your video. Here are some of the tips that you might find helpful in starting with Google video SEO.

As I said earlier, since Google can’t identify the keywords in the video, it is your responsibility to put the appropriate tags that describes your video. It is advisable to put around 5 to 15 relevant keywords to your video for the search engine to identify what your video is all about.

More than the tags attached to your video, of course it is important to consider your title. Carefully create a title with the main keywords so it can automatically appear on every online query stating such keyword phrase.

But remember not to stuff your title with keywords to avoid confusing searchers. Have it short, yet concise.

The same rule just mentioned above is also best applicable to the description that comes right after your title. Since the title and description are the ones that initially appear on search engine results, present them properly to have a good first impression among online users.

It is advisable for you to post your videos on your own website so all the viewers have to do to learn more about the topic you discussed is browse through the different pages of your website. However, if you want to apply viral marketing, you can post your videos on different sites that are relevant to your campaign or upload them on video hosting sites.

If you are posting your videos on different websites and video hosting sites such as YouTube, Digg, and others, don’t forget to attach back links in the video description. By doing this, you are creating a portal from the video to your main website.

With some of the many ways on effectively launching a Google video SEO campaign, now you have equal opportunity for your videos to be popular on search engine results. Just keep on exploring different possibilities to help you determine which strategy works the best for you.

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