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Giving importance to the home page of a website has often being the priority of various search engine optimization techniques. However, due to this reason the chances of missing huge number of traffic to the site have increased.

Basically a site is created in such a way so that it can attract high traffic due to the importance given to the home page along with the other interlinked pages. The important keywords which are selected for the site are tailored into the “Home Page”, but equal importance is given to the other web-pages too.

People often get confused while selecting the appropriate keyword phrases for optimization of their sites. All the important keywords should be optimized; and each interlinked page should be optimized accordingly to the relevancy of that particular web-page.

Site like is engaged in sales of journals related to various outdoor activities like hiking, fly fishing, traveling, bird watching etc. For this particular site, the “Home Page” should be optimized with keywords like “writing journals”. But the other web-pages of the site should have specific keywords depending on the content of the said pages.

The other web-pages of this site have been optimized for the particular product each page is dealing with. The “Travel Page” is optimized with travel related keywords and “Hiking Page” is optimized with hiking keywords. As a result of which, the main page ranks higher when searched with generic keywords like “writing journals” while the other interlinked pages are ranking high on the basis of specific keywords search.

Once the server statistics are reviewed, it will be easily understood that the traffic to this site is generated more from the internal pages rather than from the main page. In this instant case of, the number of traffic of travel page is a lot more than the number of traffic of the main page, which results in the creation of a decent amount of revenue for the travel page.

SEO of home page is quite a difficult task. Just remember that the volume of traffic and revenue earning capacity of the site are not dependent on the home web-page of the site only.

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