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An internet forum is bit of space on the internet where people come together to exchange information, discuss, debate and converse by posting messages on the forum. Typically, a forum will centre on a single group of people who maybe united by an interest, an advocacy, social situation or other objectives. The forum will be made up of many interests being talked about all at the same time. A topic is started by a forum member, and allows any other member to make a comment or opinion on the topic. Sometimes the topic is a question that is looking for several answers. Sometimes the topic is a proposed opinion seeking the opinion of other people to contribute what they think too.

All kinds of people use forums, it does not seem to be limited to any particular kind of internet user. Which is why most forums will have a moderator or administrator to suspend, warn and delete those who post inappropriate comments and violate the agree rules of that particular forum. Some forums will monitor against aggressive advertising and self promotion. But because of the high participation rates of popular forums, it is also an ideal medium to advertise and put forth your product.

If you would like to promote your website, using a forum is a possible option. A forum is free to make and easy to join. There is no expense, except for your labour. If the forum does become popular, it will help in promoting your online presence. A forum is a bit like a social networking centre. Or more like the gossip centres of the internet. If your product is advertised on a conversation thread, as a suggestion, you can win followers for your website. For instance if the discussion thread is about relationships and dating and somebody suggests a book to read to address these issues, you give more credibility to the book. The same goes with website promotion online as they become popular on forums.

The real trick to using forums for promotion is suggesting your promotion rather than being brash and upfront. Remember that forums are in the conversation format. You would not blurt a sales pitch in the middle of other people having a conversation would you? Doing this could get you pinned as a spammer or even a marketing gimmick. It is not classy. The correct way to approaching forums is promoting your brand in instances where it is useful and contributing to the conversation. A forum moderator will remove and ban any user seen as an aggressive advertiser or frequent poster of out of topic comments.

How to use forums for web marketing and SEO

So how can internet chatter help with web marketing? A forum is a place for education. The marketing style in a forum would be more like the marketing we do if we were talking to somebody one on one in person. People join in and comment on forums to find somebody who knows more than they do and could help out. However be warned that there are trashy chat rooms which you should not join or have your website be associated with. If you are targeted by these trashy chat rooms, it will mean a negative pull to your marketing strategy.

Find good, well attended and monitored forums that will contribute to your SEO balance. Make forums a part of your website marketing plans, to boost your SEO. A forum is great for catching buzz words and following on opinions of real people. The trends of started threads in a forum will indicate what the concerns are of internet users. It is like field work for marketing research observing real people’s behaviour on a forum. The most important thing a forum can give you is genuine, real time knowledge. If you can find a forum on the interest of your website, follow the conversation threads or start your own. See what people really think as they post their opinions.

The right forum that is frequented by the experts you need are a great source for advice. You can improve your SEO strategies just by asking these experts for their opinions. You can get tips and suggestions from unusual sources and other perspectives you never considered before. If you are a beginner at SEO, a forum is a great way to sort out problems.

If your website operates in a niche market, finding a forum in your field is invaluable. You will get to meet people who share the interests of your website, instantly gathered all in one place. Can you imagine the size of that market! It is like an audience jack pot. Internet users are scattered all around the world, but they all gather to talk to like minded people on forums.

Just as a source for research and instruction, forums will be good for you if you take the time to join one and hang out there for a bit.

Being a good SEO citizen in forums

SEO or search engine optimization is the occupation of making your website more noticeable for search engines. You want Google and Yahoo to know that you have a website that is interesting so that they will recommend it to internet users every time they type in a search query for your niche.

Starting out in SEO is difficult because the rules are always in flux. Google and Yahoo make it difficult, but not impossible to keep up with the best way for you to present your website to search engines. A good way to be updated on any new changes or techniques is to keep an ear on the grapevines. Forums spread insider information very quickly.

Keeping good SEO practice needs well placed and maintained niche marketing. So keep up to date with your niche market by knowing what people are talking about on forums. Take note of the language they use, the common words and topics, because you can use these as key words to target your particular market. In every sense, you are being sensitive to the needs of your niche market.

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