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Links back to your site, called backlinks, are the real key to internet marketing. Backlink generation is by far the most important task you do as a marketer. There are lots of methods for getting these much needed backlinks. A good campaign includes more than one type. Here are some of the most common.

Comments – Most blogs let you comment on the articles and leave a link back to your site when you do so. The key here is to actually add to the conversation. Most blogs moderate comments and generic or spammy comments won’t get approved and will do you no good. Be sure that you have something useful to say.

Forums – Posting on forums is similar to commenting to blogs. You set up a profile on the forum with your link, then add your link to your signature. When you post, your link shows up. Remember to add the conversation in all of your backlink generation.

Posting Content – When you post articles, videos, and other content on the web you can leave a link back to your site as a resource. Since content sites have high authority, these links can really help your site’s rankings a great deal. As always, make sure your content is useful and not spammy. This will also help you be seen as an expert by your human audience.

Link Directories – Sites exist on the web that catalogue links and websites. Submitting your site to these directories (including social bookmarking sites like Digg) can help with backlink generation. This works best when combines with other methods.

Some Notes on Backlink Generation

  • Be sure to ping your links when you create them. This helps search engines find you.
  • When doing backlink generation, don’t spam. Always write for humans.
  • Add to the conversation and you will be rewarded.

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