Free Keyword Research Tool – Is It Sufficient?

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It is extremely rare for someone who is intent on mounting a successful SEO campaign to forego the use of a keyword research tool. It’s one of the most powerful and potent SEO tools that can allow an ecommerce site to heighten its web presence and rank high in a search results page. And for that reason, there are now numerous websites that offer a free keyword research tool you can use online.

Many home based businesses have relied on these free sites to provide them with keywords that they will be able to use on their marketing campaign, affiliate marketing, and for search engine optimization. Because many home based businesses don’t have ample finances for their marketing, they tend to use a free keyword research tool to save money and at the same time stay competitive. The problem with the sites that offer a free keyword research tool is that they don’t provide a comprehensive tool that can offer all the information that you will need.

When you use a tool, it’s not just about putting the keywords into your site. More importantly, you need several data on a number of indicators which you can study to develop a campaign against your competitors. This should include data on several page elements including the URL, headers, image names, metadata, title tags, anchor text, navigation links, and others. Also, free keyword research tools don’t provide comprehensive long tail research data which can help you make your site more optimized for searches on your niche.

Marketing is always a wise investment especially if it is done right. Maybe a free keyword research tool is not enough for you, not while the competition has the edge with using better ones.

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