7 Reasons You Need A Website

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1. Potentially, 99% Of Your Competitors Have A Website

It is important to have a presence on the Internet now more than ever. Business leaders who decline to join the online marketing community are practically giving away customers to the competition. If you do not have a website, it is important that you start the process immediately. Don’t place your business at risk and lose another prospect or client to your competitor again.

2. Over 40 Million People Have Internet Access Worldwide

Are you aware that over 40 million people have Internet access worldwide and the number grows by the thousands every single month? For millions of individuals and families, the Internet has become the number one tool for research and information about a product or service, for comparison shopping, and above all else, for purchasing. Don’t shut the door on a present and future customer!

3. 24/7 Visibility

Your customers and future customers have access to information about your company, and your products and services 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

4. A Website Will Increase Your Credibility

Today all large companies and government agencies around the world have a professional website. A presence on the web has become standard practice, which the majority of consumers have come to expect. A recent study shows that, consumers consider a business without a website unprofessional. The mere fact of having a website will undeniably increase the credibility of your company.

5. The Internet Allows You To Reduce Your Costs

You can communicate with customers, partners and suppliers by multiple means via the Internet. You save on long distance charges, postage, and business travel. Plus an email can be viewed almost instantaneously. You can also measure the direct impact of advertising and your website through statistics, which will allow you to allocate your marketing dollars to the best possible resources.

Additionally, giving consumers the ability to access information on your website such as business hours, address, and the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) will significantly decrease the number of fact finding calls, allowing you to spend more time to focus on other functions of your business.

6. Worldwide Publicity For A Very Small Price

How much would and ad cost to publish in every newspaper throughout the world? Unlike paid advertising in a magazine or newspaper (visible for one month or one day only), your website is a long-term investment maximizing the reach and frequency of your business. It will remain online as long as you want for minimum cost. Unlike print advertising, you can update products, services, information, and promotions without having to print and reprint (continuous high costs).

The Internet enhances the scope of your visibility in addition to providing a convenient avenue to present information and convince your customers and prospects to do business with your company.

7. Improve Your Service

A website makes it easy to interact with your customers and find out their needs, wants, likes, and dislikes. Taking advantage of tools like online surveys can provide immediate feedback and suggestions helping to improve your customer service, products and services, and increase customer loyalty.

The Internet will provide the ability to gain access to information about your customers, their consumption, taste, location, the number of times they visited your site, and so much more.

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