A Guide to Using Video Landing Pages To Build Massive Lists

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The principal reason for use of a video squeeze page has to do with the selling of products or specific services aimed at particular niche markets. But, while the selling itself may be essential and the main reason, there are a few other ways of finding the service useful and putting the video squeeze page into work. The e-mail and other personal information is another incentive for soliciting people’s attention. While text only pages used to work out sufficiently, over time video squeeze pages have come to include images as well as video. If we take into account the short attention span we as human have you will realize that more and more people are gravitating towards video landing pages instead of reading a long sales letter.

If you are not selling a product directly through the video, the content of it should always be of value and useful. After a certain time you could include the pitch for the product after establishing trust and rapport. Don’t be too direct about your product or service. People hate sales pitches. Imagine going to a furniture store and you have a sales rep following you all over the store, it gets annoying. Well, that is the way viewers will see your process if you immediately try to sell them something.

Over time, your patience will reward you with your prospect’s contact information and that is good as GOLD.

Another guided approach is to tell the truth to the client throughout the video. Remember you are dealing with intelligent creatures. Some people have become accustomed to using squeeze pages to promote products that are really garbage. If you are trustworthy with a good product and have a few followers you will make more money.

So, as a general rule try not to solicit the attention of your clients unless you are clear about your products and information provided. Otherwise it may as well turn against you.

Building a squeeze page with an opt-in form is essential and will help you get promote other products in the future to your list. You must give something free in exchange for the email information you are requesting. Something in the form of e-books or free report would help.

You have no reason not to invest into your video squeeze page as it can help you build massive, responsive targeted lists. But as with any other business you have to give first to receive. You have to concentrate on the aspect and message of the page as well as with the management of your links. Never talk about anything that is not at all related to what you are promoting, so try to accommodate the best information you can that can help the viewer solve their need. After you do this a couple of times, you can then direct them to an offer that is relevant.

Ken Neumann is a Internet Marketer and Video Squeeze Page expert. Researching claims on how video landing pages coverts is a passion and products that help that process.

His website is full of articles on the subject.


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